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Great Northern’s Home

August 8, 2007

Home 1

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of innovative music videos. But it’s not everyday that I watch a music video for a band that does it’s job so well that I find myself instantly trying to buy the album. This morning I came across a video for the band Great Northern called Home that did exactly that.

The video features some slick motion graphics and compositing work, layered around the band in a Modest Mouse – Float On style. This style has become a bit commonplace but in this case the synergy of the music and the effects result in a really strong video.
Home 2
Watch it in low or high resolution. Check out this hype machine playlist for a more Great Northern.

– chris

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Sehsucht’s Stunning Motion Graphics

August 6, 2007


Sehsucht a Hamburg-based studio has created one of the elegant and beautiful pieces of motion-graphics I’ve ever seen. Their results features exquisite in-camera effects highlighting a mixture of ink and water, paced to classical music.


This ad will raise your heart-rate and have you ready to jam on classical music for the rest of the afternoon. Sehsucht mixed in-camera effects and cg in a way that will leave your head spinning.

You can watch it small on their official site or download the high resolution version (highly recommended!).

– chris

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The Reels of Digital Domain

June 29, 2007

Digital Domain Saving Private Ryan 2

Ever wondered what the raw footage looks like on some of Hollywood’s biggest hits? Prepare yourself to be awed as you watch some incredible reels for Digital Domain, a top tiered effects house that has worked on over 60 films.

Digital Domain Day After Tomorrow

Their reels highlight a wide array of cgi animation done for characters, vehicles and natural phenomenons featured in some of Hollywood’s biggest film. All of them are stunning and insightful.

Digital Domain Saving Private Ryan 1

I found their environmental reel to be exceptionally mesmerizing. It’ll give you a new appreciation for the power of good effects.

Start at Digital Domains official site or skip to the reels if you just can’t wait.

– chris

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Portfolio: Andreas Wannerstedt’s Dynamic Graphics

June 27, 2007


Andreas Wannerstedt has an awesomely unique portfolio of flash, html and motion graphics work. His work, like his portfolio, is filled with motion.

His web site features a distinctive presentation that begs to be played with. The elements of each project are displayed in a smooth scrolling menu that takes cues from mouse movements. It’s fun to play around with and it’ll increase the awareness of the contents. Nice work.

I was particularly impressed with his work for The intro video features some solid motion graphics and design. Be sure to check it out.


– chris

Procrastination Friday: Missing Pages

June 1, 2007

Missing Pages

In one of my very first assignments in my intro film class was to make a movie with nothing but static images and sound. At the time, I remember being dumbfounded. How could someone tell a story without long tracking shots? Or worse yet, how was I going to survive the absence of a slow motion fight scene in my first film? Little did I know that with some slick after effects work and some clever editing, these options were still possible.

Missing Pages
is an incredible shortfilm created using extensive part photo-play, about a future gone awry after some damaging time-travelling. It’s a marvel of production work and story telling.  The film is filled with incredible after effects work, stunning photography and killer editing.

You need to watch this right now. Check out the HD version for the ultimate experience or head to the official site to watch at standard quality.

HD: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Have a great weekend!

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Piper-Heidsieck Ad Bubbling with Motion Graphics

May 31, 2007


Pop some bubbly and check out this gorgeous ad that the production house Parking Studio put together for champagne producer Piper-Heidsieck. The ad is free flowing timeline showcasing the subtle influences of Piper-Heidsieck during its 200 and some odd years of production.

Parking Studio put together some stellar motion graphics using Piper-Heidsieck’s recognizable label as the backdrop for their time-space journey. Unfortunately ads of this length and pacing don’t make TV in their full form too much any more, so check be sure to watch it now for the full effect.

– chris

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WeMakeItGood Trailer

May 16, 2007

We Make It Good

Shilo, the slick creative production studio, has released the trailer for their upcoming We Make It Good. We Make It Good is book and DVD compilation of Shilo’s commissioned and original works.

This is the first time I’ve ever heard of a production studio packaging all of their creations together. It reminds me of an independently produced Directors Label Series. I think it’s a great way to increase their exposure and show off their skills.

Watch the stellar trailer for We Make It Good and be sure to check out the rest of Shilo’s impressive work.

– chris

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D.A.N.C.E. Music Video

May 14, 2007


Let’s start this Monday morning off with a song that I cannot get out of my head, D.A.N.C.E by Justice. To truly appreciate the song, you must first watch the video. It’s an onslaught of motion graphics overlayed onto T-Shirts as moveable, ever-changing design.

The video does an excellent job of focusing the attention on the music and keeping me engaged throughout. I’m so dazzled by the animation that I don’t have an issue watching it on a loop.

If you’d like to do the same, I’ve embedded it below for your pleasure.

– chris

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What if You Could Only See Advertising?

March 22, 2007

Anti Advertising

Studio Smack, a Netherlands-based operation, created Kapitaal to showcase “…the enormous amount of stimuli that we are harassed by every day.” They shot video of someone strolling around a city in the Netherlands and then blacked out everything except the advertisements. The result is an elegant mix of animation and typography.

If they did this in Times Square, only the tourists would be missing.

Head to Studio Smack‘s site for a higher quality version and the rest of their impressive portfolio.

(via TheAntiAdvertisingAgency)

– chris

The Gorgeous Motion Graphics of Stranger Than Fiction

March 14, 2007

Last weekend I watched Stranger Than Fiction expecting to see a regular Will Ferrell comedy, but I was happily surprised to find a little gem of a film jam-packed with sick motion graphics. Fortunately for you and me, MK12, the motion graphics house behind Stranger Than Fiction’s animation, just updated their reels (via Motionographer).

The motion graphics in the film are part of a graphical user interface that helps Will Ferrell’s character (and the audience) to navigate the film. The GUI shows its face early and often, starting in a delightful opening sequence. Watch it now.


Head to MK12’s site to see the closing titles and tons of other great work. They even put up the pitches that landed them the Stranger Than Fiction job.


Want to see more title sequences? The Submarine Channel has a great archive that we’ve covered here.

– chris