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Friday Fun: Light Graffiti

June 29, 2007

Light Painting 1

I was blown away when I came across these light paintings yesterday on Reddit. The concept is pretty simple: take long exposure photos of people moving lights around. It sounds simple enough, but with the right skill intricate drawings can emerge.

Light Painting 2

Light painting has been around for a long time and has been done by more artists than you would expect. Below, a light painting done by Picasso in 1924.


The ‘crew’ creating these intricate works involve many people moving together on one image. The results are breath taking.

Light Painting 3

Light Painting 4

The man behind the work, LICHTFAKTOR, can be found on myspace. You can check out all of his photos in this flickr slideshow. To learn how they did it you can check out their equipment and watch a video of their light painting in action.

– chris


Val’s Art Diary: This is How to Promote Yourself Online

June 18, 2007

Vals Art Diary

Are you an artist looking to promote yourself online? Well pay attention to this one. Val’s Art Diary is an excellent example of a web presence built by a talented painter, known only online as Valentina.

Valentina is a painter and a personality who is building an impressive online following by engaging her audience and involving them in her creative process. Val documents her painting on video and edits a punchy artist’s statement that she releases onto the inter-webs. She then sells the featured paintings on ebay. She has built a brilliant viral marketing platform and if the ebay auctions are any indication it looks things are paying off nicely.

Her first painting video was put on YouTube in November and has been seen an amazing 750,000 times. Her most recent video, YouTube on the iPhone(embedded below), has all the makings of a well timed viral hit. She’s going to fool quite a few people into thinking she has an iPhone, which she has tied into her motivations for this week’s painting. I can’t wait to see happens to her views and her auction.

You can bid on Val’s most recent painting, watch her vlog and check out her official site. If the ebay thing turns you off, you can also purchase prints on DeviantArt.

– chris

The Art of Paint Making

February 16, 2007


While searching for some red paint to make a Valentine’s Day card, I stumbled across Guerra Paint & Pigment located on East 13th Street in New York City. Art Guerra, the founder and paint-master himself, greeted me at the door. When I told him what I was looking for, he immediately offered up the cup of red paint he was coincidentally mixing and told me that it wouldn’t dry for another 30 minutes. Unfortunately, I couldn’t accept his offer because I was too fascinated to leave the store.

Guerra Paint & Pigment doesn’t sell paint exactly; they sell pigments and binders. You make the paint. Guerra pioneered this method after becoming frustrated with the poor quality and inconsistency of commercial paint available for artists while he worked as a mural painter in New York City. He opened Guerra Paint & Pigment in 1984 to allow artists more control over the properties of their paint.

For more on Guerra, check out this excellent article from Cabinet Magazine. And if you’re ever in the area, I highly recommend stopping by the store. From what I hear, there’s nothing quite like it.