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Friday Fun: Light Graffiti

June 29, 2007

Light Painting 1

I was blown away when I came across these light paintings yesterday on Reddit. The concept is pretty simple: take long exposure photos of people moving lights around. It sounds simple enough, but with the right skill intricate drawings can emerge.

Light Painting 2

Light painting has been around for a long time and has been done by more artists than you would expect. Below, a light painting done by Picasso in 1924.


The ‘crew’ creating these intricate works involve many people moving together on one image. The results are breath taking.

Light Painting 3

Light Painting 4

The man behind the work, LICHTFAKTOR, can be found on myspace. You can check out all of his photos in this flickr slideshow. To learn how they did it you can check out their equipment and watch a video of their light painting in action.

– chris


The Reels of Digital Domain

June 29, 2007

Digital Domain Saving Private Ryan 2

Ever wondered what the raw footage looks like on some of Hollywood’s biggest hits? Prepare yourself to be awed as you watch some incredible reels for Digital Domain, a top tiered effects house that has worked on over 60 films.

Digital Domain Day After Tomorrow

Their reels highlight a wide array of cgi animation done for characters, vehicles and natural phenomenons featured in some of Hollywood’s biggest film. All of them are stunning and insightful.

Digital Domain Saving Private Ryan 1

I found their environmental reel to be exceptionally mesmerizing. It’ll give you a new appreciation for the power of good effects.

Start at Digital Domains official site or skip to the reels if you just can’t wait.

– chris

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Clark and Michael: The Ultimate Webshow

June 28, 2007

Clark and Michael 1

Clark and Michael is a hilarious new web-based mockumentary featuring the talents of Michael Cera, of Arrested Development fame, and newcomer Clark Duke. The premise: Clark and Michael, two best friends trying to make careers in Hollywood, hire a camera crew to document their journey to fame.

Clark and Michael 2

The show features the dry humor of The Office and the awkwardness of Curb Your Enthusiasm. This amazing combination, has succeeded in keeping me engaged through the entirety of each 10 minute show, an impressive feat for a web show.

Clark and Michael 3

The show is written and directed by its two stars and funded by CBS. So far 6 of the 10 episodes have been released, with new episodes coming out each Wednesday. Clark and Michael is surely a sign of things to come, so pay close attention.

Check it out starting with episode 1.Enjoy!

– chris

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The Glitch is One Funny Film

June 28, 2007


The Glitch 2

The Glitch, a new short film featuring Jason Biggs, is one of the funniest web videos I’ve ever seen. Take Groundhog Day, mix in some overt sexual humor, add a dash of over-the-top Jason Biggs and you’ve got The Glitch.

The Glitch

The Glitch is currently only available on Funny or Die, which uses terrible quality video, so until a higher quality version is released you’ll need to endure some pixelation. Don’t worry it’s worth it.

Watch it.

– chris

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Portfolio: Andreas Wannerstedt’s Dynamic Graphics

June 27, 2007


Andreas Wannerstedt has an awesomely unique portfolio of flash, html and motion graphics work. His work, like his portfolio, is filled with motion.

His web site features a distinctive presentation that begs to be played with. The elements of each project are displayed in a smooth scrolling menu that takes cues from mouse movements. It’s fun to play around with and it’ll increase the awareness of the contents. Nice work.

I was particularly impressed with his work for The intro video features some solid motion graphics and design. Be sure to check it out.


– chris

Australia’s Ads Ask, Why Are You Really Speeding?

June 26, 2007

Speed Wag

I guess Australia has a big problem with teenage males speeding. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, there’s a new ad campaign designed to make speeding socially unacceptable by targeting teenage boys where it hurts, in the pants.

The campaigns mantra, “no one thinks big of you,” implies what you think it does. The commercial features female onlookers gesturing with their pinkies, as young boys speed by with hopes of leaving a big impression. In essence, you speed because you’re small.

Speed Small

The reasoning for the unique campaign is that “…traditional “shock horror advertising” that highlighted injury and death from speeding was no longer effective on “people exposed to computer games, modern media … and horror films”.

If you’re thinking this is a small little Australian ad then take note: “The campaign, which runs across the state, includes TV and cinema ads, posters in bus shelters, and a 15-second “viral” internet ad that offers “speedsters” an “xtra xtra small” condom.” I have not been able to find this ‘viral’ ad yet, if you do please pass it along.

Will this be effective? Watch the commercial and decide for yourself.

– chris

Scion’s Crazed Little Deviant Campaign

June 26, 2007

Little Deviants

The production maniacs at Shilo have created a gorgeous and bizarre campaign for Scion. The concept: devil-like creatures dubbed little deviants, run through a cityscape killing sheeple to end the boredom plaguing their city.

The commercial features some impressive work from Shilo. The little deviants and sheeple are dynamic, yet well defined and the environments they’ve created are stunning. It’s an impressive execution that had me watching the commercial multiple times.

Little Deviant Eating

The campaign also includes a web game, where you’ll have the opportunity to help the little deviants kill off the sheeple in gruesome style. It looks like they’re hoping that their target demographic, adolescent males, won’t be able to stop themselves from harvesting sheeple blood. It seems like a little much to me, but I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Little Deviant game

Watch the commercial check out the game, see Shilo’s previous work and head to their official site.

– chris

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Nokia’s Phone Film Festival

June 25, 2007


On Saturday, Nokia’s Young Creatives Competition: Film, wrapped up at the International Advertising Festival in Cannes, France. Teams were asked to shoot a 30 second commercial that makes environmentally sustainable lifestyle sexy.

The winning team was the Italian’s, with a simple concept and a nice slogan, “Take a Shower. It will make you feel cleaner. ” They took advantage of their surroundings and succeeded in capturing the traditional feel of the beaches on the French Riviera, reminding us that sustainability is important everywhere.

There is a ton of content on Youtube featuring, the competition entries, interviews with many of the filmmakers and some of the qualifying submissions for the competition. I found this American submission to be particularly impressive.

Head to NewTeeVee for more details, the competition’s YouTube channel and their official site.

– chris

– (via NewTeeVee)

JibJab Creator on Online Audience Building

June 25, 2007

This Land

Diane Kristine, a writer for Blog Critics magazine, recently chatted with Gregg Spiridellis, one of the creators of JibJab, about his experience growing a successful web entertainment brand.

Spiridellis has some unique insight into creating video on the web as he’s been doing it longer than pretty much anyone. In 1999 Spirdiellis and his brother started JibJab, fronting the costs themselves years before web video was part of ‘proven’ business model. After surviving the dot com burst, they forged ahead until success found them in 2004 with the release of This Land. This Land, a political short released during the 2004 elections, was seen 80 million times over the course of a couple months.

From the interview:

Working in Los Angeles, the brothers are confronted by the reality of a system of agents, managers, executives, and lawyers that was designed long before anyone thought of the Internet, never mind creating video content for it.

“It’s so hard to get anything done,” Spiridellis complains. “The whole system was created to produce a small number of really big investment productions, but with the web you’ve got to be able to produce a very big number of small productions.”

Check out BlogCritics to peruse the whole article. Head to JibJab if you’ve got a few hours to spare.

– chris

Branding in a Barcode

June 22, 2007


GOOD Magazine continues to find innovative and meaningful ways to display data. This branding graph is no exception. They’ve taken the barcode, the universal identifier, and cut it up to display the advertising expenditures of some of the worlds largest companies.

The barcode is arranged, left to right,  from highest percentage of total expenditures spent on advertising to lowest. To see the barcode’s key and truly appreciate the meaning of the graph, head to GOOD.

Barcode Key

– chris