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How Reality TV Shows Are Edited

March 30, 2007

BBC Editing

Charlie Brooker, of BBC’s Screenwipe, has a great piece illustrating some of the devious editing techniques used in the creation of reality TV shows. While this isn’t breaking news for editors, it’s still shocking to see how quickly and efficiently the editing room can change the context of a scene.

– chris


Get on Tropist: A Portfolio-Based Network for Artists

March 29, 2007

Tropist Featured

We’re looking for more artists to test out Tropist: a portfolio-based network of filmmakers, photographers, designers, painters, illustrators, you name it.

We’ve been working furiously to incorporate all the great feedback we’ve been getting. We just released a new version a few days ago with major improvements. If you’re interested in giving it a shot before we shrink-wrap it, head over to and grab an invite. We’re still young and impressionable so your feedback will definitely make a difference.


Depressed Kermit the Frog Sings Cash’s ‘Hurt’

March 29, 2007


Sad Kermit has come out of hiding. After Jim Henson’s death, Kermit has fallen into a deep, dark world. Here he is, singing Johnny Cash’s version of Hurt. You might want to cover little Billy’s eyes while you watch this, as it includes a hearty dose of both puppet drug abuse and puppet sex acts.

The creators of Sad Kermit have certainly succeeded in architecting a viral sensation. It’ll be interesting to see how people respond to seeing one of their favorite childhood characters succumb to drug addiction and engage in shameless voyeuristic behavior.

Visit the official site to request other sad songs and download Kermit’s versions of Radiohead’s Creep, Elliot Smith’s Twilight, and NIN’s Rainbow Disconnection and Something I Can Never Have.

– chris

Ask a Ninja Interviews Will Ferrell and Jon Heder

March 28, 2007

Ninja Interview

Ask a Ninja, which we’ve covered before here, is finally starting to get some cameos from big stars. They just published an interview that they did with Will Ferrell and Jon Heder about their new film, Blades of Glory.

Ask a Ninja may not be for everyone, but their success has shown how much respect the power of internet video can get you. Be sure to watch the interview, as it includes some great moments where Ferrell and Heder rib the Ninja.

– chris

How do you create a giant CGI Robot that smashes buildings?

March 27, 2007

Kaktus Bot

The crew at Kaktus, a Swedish-based motion design firm, have created a short, starring their CGI Mega Robot. This isn’t your typical War of the Worlds full-city-destruction-type-bot. Kaktus’ bot seems like a misunderstood, lonely child-bot starving for attention.

You can check out a hi-res version of the spot here, and then take a gander at their creation process.

Sorry about all the robot stories, but this was too good to pass up.

– chris

What are the best TV intros of all time?

March 27, 2007

Simpsons Intro

The AVClub has put together a list of “22 TV Opening-Credit Sequences That Fit Their Shows Perfectly“. They’ve compiled a great list spanning the last 50 years.

Watch their picks and then read this Christian Science Monitor article on the current state of TV titles. According to them, producers have become wary of rampant channel flipping, and as a result, will often forgo title sequences in an attempt to draw in an audience. I think if the titles are good enough, people will watch; all you have to do is hire the right talent.

– chris

How To Make a Camera Lens

March 26, 2007

Pinhole Camera

It’s time to appreciate that lens you’re always looking through. The Discovery Channel has a great segment on the incredibly difficult process of manufacturing a lens. The process takes over six weeks and uses tons of hands-on labor.

If you’re feeling inspired and want to make your own telephoto lens, you’re probably out of luck. But you can make your own camera. Bre Pettis of Make has a great video tutorial on how to make a pinhole camera. See the video below:

– chris

Finally: An Honest Political Video Blogger

March 23, 2007

Robert Reich

Robert Reich, Clinton’s Secretary of Labor, has started a very funny and insightful video blog. Reich talks honestly and passionately, a rare treat in today’s world of politics. Reich covers the week’s news, answers questions and continues to elaborate on his 1966 date with a pre-Clinton Hillary. While Reich’s blog has a heavy liberal bias, both sides can appreciate his candor.

You can see Reich’s video blog in higher quality on Vimeo. Start here and make your way through his first four installments. Reich’s blog, which includes his videos and other commentary, can be found here.

It’ll be interesting to see how online video continues to shape modern politics.

– chris

Unbelievable Amateur-Made CGI

March 22, 2007


My jaw dropped when I saw the result of the CG Society‘s recent competition. Entrants were asked to create computer-based art inspired by Greg Bear‘s novel, Eon.

All of the finalists were impressive, but the film trailers were outstanding. Making a good trailer is incredibly difficult and the winners did it without a budget, professional actors, or a real crew.

Make sure to watch the winning entry. You can see the rest of the finalists here.

– chris

What if You Could Only See Advertising?

March 22, 2007

Anti Advertising

Studio Smack, a Netherlands-based operation, created Kapitaal to showcase “…the enormous amount of stimuli that we are harassed by every day.” They shot video of someone strolling around a city in the Netherlands and then blacked out everything except the advertisements. The result is an elegant mix of animation and typography.

If they did this in Times Square, only the tourists would be missing.

Head to Studio Smack‘s site for a higher quality version and the rest of their impressive portfolio.

(via TheAntiAdvertisingAgency)

– chris