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Portfolio: Filippa Smedhagend Sund’s Innovative Style

August 17, 2007


Wow. The portfolio for make-up artist Filippa Smedhagend Sund features one of the most innovative and stunning interfaces I’ve ever seen. Filippa’s work is showcased in unbelievable gorgeous photos and an incredibly unique interface.

Filippa 2

Using Filippa’s portfolio is as simple as grab-and-pull with your mouse. In an instant you’ll see how engaging and effective it is to interact with photos in this way. The website was designed in Flash by Mocoro, a Berlin-based web design shop. Check them out for other innovative designs.

Filippa 3

Now go and spend some time with Filippa Smedhagend Sund’s work.

– chris


Advertainment: A Mexican Mortuary Viral Hit

August 2, 2007


This morning I came across a great viral ad for a Mexican funeral home. I know what you’re thinking, “I’m tired of seeing Mexican mortuary ads why is he featuring yet another?” Well, because this ad is just too good to pass up.

It has all the great elements of a good viral: ‘realistic’ camerawork, grainy shots and fast suspenseful action. This is one you’ll be passing around the office.

From what I can tell their slogan is “not everyone can’t be this lucky.”

Watch it.

– chris

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The Business of Photography

July 16, 2007

To help tide you over during our vacation it only seems fair to pass on some interesting blogs. A fairly new blog that I’ve been particularly impressed with is The Business of Photography.

The Business of Photography was started by Ed McCulloch out of frustration at the lack of emphasis put on business in photography programs. His sentiments echo my own frustrations and motivations for the writing the Tropist Weblog. Typically there is little to no time in spent in school on marketing, negotiations and promotion, which in practice turn out to be so important.

McCulloch’s journey is focused on photography, but his experience and advice are applicable to any artist. Start paying attention, McCulloch is just about to release his first major portfolio that will be released Nationwide (in the US).

Make sure to read through the archives for the full experience.

– chris

Clark and Michael: The Ultimate Webshow

June 28, 2007

Clark and Michael 1

Clark and Michael is a hilarious new web-based mockumentary featuring the talents of Michael Cera, of Arrested Development fame, and newcomer Clark Duke. The premise: Clark and Michael, two best friends trying to make careers in Hollywood, hire a camera crew to document their journey to fame.

Clark and Michael 2

The show features the dry humor of The Office and the awkwardness of Curb Your Enthusiasm. This amazing combination, has succeeded in keeping me engaged through the entirety of each 10 minute show, an impressive feat for a web show.

Clark and Michael 3

The show is written and directed by its two stars and funded by CBS. So far 6 of the 10 episodes have been released, with new episodes coming out each Wednesday. Clark and Michael is surely a sign of things to come, so pay close attention.

Check it out starting with episode 1.Enjoy!

– chris

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The Glitch is One Funny Film

June 28, 2007


The Glitch 2

The Glitch, a new short film featuring Jason Biggs, is one of the funniest web videos I’ve ever seen. Take Groundhog Day, mix in some overt sexual humor, add a dash of over-the-top Jason Biggs and you’ve got The Glitch.

The Glitch

The Glitch is currently only available on Funny or Die, which uses terrible quality video, so until a higher quality version is released you’ll need to endure some pixelation. Don’t worry it’s worth it.

Watch it.

– chris

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Portfolio: Andreas Wannerstedt’s Dynamic Graphics

June 27, 2007


Andreas Wannerstedt has an awesomely unique portfolio of flash, html and motion graphics work. His work, like his portfolio, is filled with motion.

His web site features a distinctive presentation that begs to be played with. The elements of each project are displayed in a smooth scrolling menu that takes cues from mouse movements. It’s fun to play around with and it’ll increase the awareness of the contents. Nice work.

I was particularly impressed with his work for The intro video features some solid motion graphics and design. Be sure to check it out.


– chris