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Sehsucht’s Stunning Motion Graphics

August 6, 2007


Sehsucht a Hamburg-based studio has created one of the elegant and beautiful pieces of motion-graphics I’ve ever seen. Their results features exquisite in-camera effects highlighting a mixture of ink and water, paced to classical music.


This ad will raise your heart-rate and have you ready to jam on classical music for the rest of the afternoon. Sehsucht mixed in-camera effects and cg in a way that will leave your head spinning.

You can watch it small on their official site or download the high resolution version (highly recommended!).

– chris

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Video:Why Man Creates

July 20, 2007

Apparently Saul Bass, the incredible title animator, created quite a great short film about why humans need to create things called “Why Man Creates.” Bass and his wife co-directed the 30 minute film, which won an Oscar in 1968.

The whole piece is not online, but a 5 minute segment is available for your consumption:

To see the full piece you’ll need to purchase a DVD.

I love the style of animation and the playful feel that the Bass team brought to the piece. It’s animation for animation’s sake, what better way to talk about creativity could there be?

– chris

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The Graphics of Transformers

July 18, 2007

A note from abroad: Popular Mechanics has a phenomenal article on the special effects used in Transformers. The article features some great insight into the process ILM uses: the way the animators conceptualize scenes, meeting the demands of Michael Bay and working from finished pose to compact car.

It’s always nice to see a glimpse into the relationship between a director and his crew, and the ILM team provides some interesting insights into Bay’s needs. You may not be directing a $150 Million flick in the near future, but it’s probably worth taking the notes anyway.

Check out the article.

– chris

The Reels of Digital Domain

June 29, 2007

Digital Domain Saving Private Ryan 2

Ever wondered what the raw footage looks like on some of Hollywood’s biggest hits? Prepare yourself to be awed as you watch some incredible reels for Digital Domain, a top tiered effects house that has worked on over 60 films.

Digital Domain Day After Tomorrow

Their reels highlight a wide array of cgi animation done for characters, vehicles and natural phenomenons featured in some of Hollywood’s biggest film. All of them are stunning and insightful.

Digital Domain Saving Private Ryan 1

I found their environmental reel to be exceptionally mesmerizing. It’ll give you a new appreciation for the power of good effects.

Start at Digital Domains official site or skip to the reels if you just can’t wait.

– chris

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Scion’s Crazed Little Deviant Campaign

June 26, 2007

Little Deviants

The production maniacs at Shilo have created a gorgeous and bizarre campaign for Scion. The concept: devil-like creatures dubbed little deviants, run through a cityscape killing sheeple to end the boredom plaguing their city.

The commercial features some impressive work from Shilo. The little deviants and sheeple are dynamic, yet well defined and the environments they’ve created are stunning. It’s an impressive execution that had me watching the commercial multiple times.

Little Deviant Eating

The campaign also includes a web game, where you’ll have the opportunity to help the little deviants kill off the sheeple in gruesome style. It looks like they’re hoping that their target demographic, adolescent males, won’t be able to stop themselves from harvesting sheeple blood. It seems like a little much to me, but I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Little Deviant game

Watch the commercial check out the game, see Shilo’s previous work and head to their official site.

– chris

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Video: Oh My God!’s Sultry CG

June 22, 2007

Lily 1

British director Nima Nourizadeh has come up with a great concept for Mark Ronson’s song “Oh my god!” featuring Lily Allen. The song is a cover of the Kaiser Chief’s “Oh my God” and for consistency Nourizadeh decided to make video a ‘cover’ as well.

The appropriate homage would take the form of Lily Allen as a Jessica Rabbit style animation. I think it’s a great decision to keep the video paced slowly in tune with the sultry but playful style of the song.

Lily 2

Check out the video in flash, quicktime and then listen in to the Kaiser Chief’s original.

– chris
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Procrastination Friday: Missing Pages

June 1, 2007

Missing Pages

In one of my very first assignments in my intro film class was to make a movie with nothing but static images and sound. At the time, I remember being dumbfounded. How could someone tell a story without long tracking shots? Or worse yet, how was I going to survive the absence of a slow motion fight scene in my first film? Little did I know that with some slick after effects work and some clever editing, these options were still possible.

Missing Pages
is an incredible shortfilm created using extensive part photo-play, about a future gone awry after some damaging time-travelling. It’s a marvel of production work and story telling.  The film is filled with incredible after effects work, stunning photography and killer editing.

You need to watch this right now. Check out the HD version for the ultimate experience or head to the official site to watch at standard quality.

HD: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Have a great weekend!

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Max Tyrie’s Modest Mouse Music Video

May 29, 2007

Modest Mouse

About a month ago I covered the Modest Mouse music video contest, so it’s about time to check in on some of the entries. I was having trouble getting the entries on the official site to work, but fortunately the Wooster Collective came to the rescue by featuring an amazing entry done by a man name Max Tyrie (who apparently did character animation for spiderman 3?).

Max cut the shots the way he wanted, printed them out, photocopied them, then painstakingly photographed and animated them after integrating them into alternate environments.  If technique sounds vaguely familiar you’ve probably seen the amazing short Copy Shop, if it doesn’t then watch it now.

Max’s entry is unique take on the green screen concept and I’m sure it will stand out amongst the other entries.

Watch the video and check out the official site if you think you can get the videos to work.

– chris

Video: Breaking Down Visual Effects

May 23, 2007


This is a great video highlighting the power of visual effects and composition. Apparently the clip was put together to showcase the skills of RI0T Manhattan, a portion of RIOT Inc a bi-coastal production house. The vid features some really fast cutting, but it’s an excellent look for anyone interested in how this stuff works.

To check out more great videos from RIOT head to their official site. Be sure to check out the excellent HOWTO the cut, showing off all the killer effects and composition they put together for a recent Orbitz commercial.

– chris

The 9 Minute Ratatouille

May 18, 2007


Scott Kirshner over at CinemaTech points out that Rat-a-touille, Pixar’s big summer release, has put 9 minutes of the film online for all to see. Scott points out that this is a great opportunity for filmmakers to monitor what type of video to release online when trying to promote a larger piece. There are risks involved, you can drive viewers away if you choose the wrong clips or if you put too much content online.

After watching the nine minutes of Ratatouille they released, I was instantly convinced. Pixar has taken their graphics to a new level and it looks surprisingly entertaining, tight and fun. Check out all the Ratatouille videos and decide for yourself.

– chris