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Big Update

December 5, 2006

Over the last couple of months we have been working to make the best product we can. As we have evaluated our strengths and the climate of the online creative community, our ideas and approach have evolved. When we started blogging about Tropist we thought that we had already gone through our period of change and adaptation. Little did we know that we would test and try so many more permutations of our ideas before we settled on what was the right fit for us. Blogging being an instantaneous medium, we have in essence created a permanent record of those business transitions that would typically stay behind closed doors. We feel that there is much to be learned from our change from a competition site to a creative job and portfolio space.

Our change may feel dramatic but we hope that it will allow us to better serve the needs of the creative community. Writers, photographers, filmmakers, musicians, and graphic designers often work as freelancers, moving from client to client negotiating pay, time, and credit. We have decided to develop a space where creative professionals can showcase their portfolios, enter themselves into our artist search engine, and find work using our innovative job search. Employers will benefit from a unified application process and the ability to evaluate talent more efficiently. Freelancers will benefit from increased targeted exposure. This may feel quite different from our competition concept, but we believe that it is a direct path to our goals. Improving the way artists find work and showcase themselves continues to be our number one goal.

Job websites have existed for quite some time, but we feel that they do not do justice to anyone working in a creative industry. Artists rely on their portfolios as their resume and we are building Tropist with this in mind. Get ready for a new way to network, show off your skills and find work.

As we continue to grow and change we always welcome your feedback. We’ll let you know as soon as our launch date is secure, and will keep you updated along the way!