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Portfolio: Now That’s A Train

July 6, 2007

Long Train

Branislav Kropilak is a contemporary photographer who focuses on three major subjects: Garages, Landings and Trains. His portfolio has some of the most vivid images of these subjects that I’ve ever seen.
Kropilak is Prague-based artist, who has an incredible way of turning the mundane into the spectacular. He uses sparkling landscapes, interesting framings and odd times to punctuate his work.
Front Long Train
In particular, I’m a huge fan of his train series. The panoramas he shoots highlight areas and shapes I would never have noticed without his particular framing.

Check out Branislav Kropilak’s portfolio.

Have a great weekend!

– chris


Portfolio: Andreas Wannerstedt’s Dynamic Graphics

June 27, 2007


Andreas Wannerstedt has an awesomely unique portfolio of flash, html and motion graphics work. His work, like his portfolio, is filled with motion.

His web site features a distinctive presentation that begs to be played with. The elements of each project are displayed in a smooth scrolling menu that takes cues from mouse movements. It’s fun to play around with and it’ll increase the awareness of the contents. Nice work.

I was particularly impressed with his work for The intro video features some solid motion graphics and design. Be sure to check it out.


– chris