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What does ‘branding’ mean again?

June 11, 2007

Ever had trouble sorting out the differences between advertising, branding, marketing and PR? Ads of the World has a simple and elegant solution for you.

So simple in fact, that practically no words are needed. Just reference this handy chart and you’ll be the most popular of all your friends. Well probably not, but it is a great set of illustrations!


– chris

(via Kottke)


Daily Monster

February 27, 2007

This past Sunday, the ever amazing Stefan G. Bucher revealed the last monster in his Daily Monster series. We’re a few days late with this, but that’s just because we’ve been trying to recover from how shockingly good it is.

Daily Monster 100 (of 100)


Artists take on the Imagination of Children

February 18, 2007

Original Drawing

DrawerGeeks is a collaborative of drawers, animators and illustrators. Every other week they all draw their own versions of a chosen fictional character. Usually the subjects are comic book heroes, but in November they reworked drawings made by children. The artists tried to stay true to the children’s original intentions and ended up with some amazing results.

Here are my favorites.





I think it would be an amazing experiment to adapt children’s visions in other ways. A film based off of a child’s imagination before he or she is exposed to the typical narrative conventions would probably result in a very different type of storytelling.


New Prints from Sam Brown

January 26, 2007

I just noticed that Sam Brown has some great new prints on sale for February! If you don’t know Sam, you should head to his website and check out his work.

Sam’s drawings are based on titles submitted by his audience. He’s a true storyteller, marrying his drawings to their titles in pleasantly unexpected ways.

My favorite of the three is below.

lets go home

“lets go home”

Sam is currently doing a special series on Signal vs. Noise, the 37signals blog — so be sure to check that out.

Sam works on explodingdog full-time and has been doing so since 2000.

– chris