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The Reels of Digital Domain

June 29, 2007

Digital Domain Saving Private Ryan 2

Ever wondered what the raw footage looks like on some of Hollywood’s biggest hits? Prepare yourself to be awed as you watch some incredible reels for Digital Domain, a top tiered effects house that has worked on over 60 films.

Digital Domain Day After Tomorrow

Their reels highlight a wide array of cgi animation done for characters, vehicles and natural phenomenons featured in some of Hollywood’s biggest film. All of them are stunning and insightful.

Digital Domain Saving Private Ryan 1

I found their environmental reel to be exceptionally mesmerizing. It’ll give you a new appreciation for the power of good effects.

Start at Digital Domains official site or skip to the reels if you just can’t wait.

– chris

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WeMakeItGood Trailer

May 16, 2007

We Make It Good

Shilo, the slick creative production studio, has released the trailer for their upcoming We Make It Good. We Make It Good is book and DVD compilation of Shilo’s commissioned and original works.

This is the first time I’ve ever heard of a production studio packaging all of their creations together. It reminds me of an independently produced Directors Label Series. I think it’s a great way to increase their exposure and show off their skills.

Watch the stellar trailer for We Make It Good and be sure to check out the rest of Shilo’s impressive work.

– chris

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Reel: Duckling

May 3, 2007


From the ever-interesting comes the showreel for Duckling, a Denmark-based post-production house. Duckling may be in the Netherlands, but they have a wide range of impressive international clients.

They decided to pace their reel slow, so that their gorgeous post work can do all the talking. It is pretty darn effective.

Their portfolio includes tons of impressive work, including this Nike ad with Ronaldo that made the rounds a few years ago.

Watch their reel now!

– chris

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