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Nokia’s Phone Film Festival

June 25, 2007


On Saturday, Nokia’s Young Creatives Competition: Film, wrapped up at the International Advertising Festival in Cannes, France. Teams were asked to shoot a 30 second commercial that makes environmentally sustainable lifestyle sexy.

The winning team was the Italian’s, with a simple concept and a nice slogan, “Take a Shower. It will make you feel cleaner. ” They took advantage of their surroundings and succeeded in capturing the traditional feel of the beaches on the French Riviera, reminding us that sustainability is important everywhere.

There is a ton of content on Youtube featuring, the competition entries, interviews with many of the filmmakers and some of the qualifying submissions for the competition. I found this American submission to be particularly impressive.

Head to NewTeeVee for more details, the competition’s YouTube channel and their official site.

– chris

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“Speed Demon” Photography Competition

June 7, 2007


Sprinting greyhound by EcoShow 

Crestock, a creative stock image provider, has been running some really exciting photography competitions. They’ve just recently entered the third round of their current competition, “Speed Demon” and the work of the finalists have entered  is top notch.
Most of the finalists are all working with high-speed photography on their quest to win a Canon EOS 1Ds Mark II. It appears that the pot of gold was the right size, because the quality of the entries is pretty unbelievable.

My favorite of the bunch are below.


 Snap frozen by rbphoto


Shattered Glass by raniel 

– chris

Max Tyrie’s Modest Mouse Music Video

May 29, 2007

Modest Mouse

About a month ago I covered the Modest Mouse music video contest, so it’s about time to check in on some of the entries. I was having trouble getting the entries on the official site to work, but fortunately the Wooster Collective came to the rescue by featuring an amazing entry done by a man name Max Tyrie (who apparently did character animation for spiderman 3?).

Max cut the shots the way he wanted, printed them out, photocopied them, then painstakingly photographed and animated them after integrating them into alternate environments.  If technique sounds vaguely familiar you’ve probably seen the amazing short Copy Shop, if it doesn’t then watch it now.

Max’s entry is unique take on the green screen concept and I’m sure it will stand out amongst the other entries.

Watch the video and check out the official site if you think you can get the videos to work.

– chris

Clio Results: 42 Below Print Ads

May 15, 2007

The Clio Awards just wrapped up, and as always, they’ve highlighted some amazing work. My favorite of the grand prize winners is a print series done for 42 Below by Saatchi & Saatchi.

42 Below had a series of print ads drawn up that tell simple stories using basic static illustration. The results are oh-so-clever and quite hilarious. Below, is a series called President Bush.

42 Below Bush

Their other boards include Flight Attendant, Do It Yourself, Transvestite, Office Party Blackout, Government Eavesdropping, Bareback Mountain, Sheep and Casino. These are best appreciated at full resolution, so click through for the full effect.

Look out for highlights of other standout work in the coming week.

– chris

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Competition: Shoot Björk’s New Music Video

May 9, 2007


The cool cats at FreshDV have pointed out that Björk is running a killer competition for all the filmmakers out there. As would be expected the competition is to create a music video. The twist is that Björk will be picking the winner and she’ll join in to complete the video.

This is an amazing opportunity. Many of the other competitions out there, like the Modest Mouse Music Video, only involve the editing of the content. In this case, the concept is king. The winner will end up with a real music video, original footage shot for the video featuring Björk. Not too shabby.

Winning this competition will give you the added bonus, you’ll be joining the ranks of Michel Gondry who directed many of her previous videos. Grab the low down on Björk‘s site and get started!

– chris

Px3 Photo Competition Winners

May 1, 2007

Alex Telfer

The annual Px3 Photo Competition has released their jury picks for 2007. They have an impressive collection of work from all their finalists. Categories of competition include Advertising, Photojournalism, Book, Book Proposals, Fine Art, Nature and Portraiture.


The 1st and 2nd place winners in each major category will be exhibited at a premiere gallery in Paris. All the finalists will have their work featured in the annual Px3 book.

Px3 is already accepting entries for next year so get out your best work and submit it!

– chris

Make A Modest Mouse Music Video

April 23, 2007


Want to direct the next Modest Mouse music video? Apple and Epic are running a competition to create the music video for Modest Mouse‘s new single “Missed the Boat”.

Epic (Modest Mouse‘s record label) is providing footage of the band jamming in front of green screens for you to cut, remix and intertwine with your own original content. The winning entry will apparently be used as the official video, making the rounds on all the major music networks.

This is a great opportunity for a motion-graphics master to show off their skills and get some stellar exposure. The competition page has all the footage, rules and regulations. Happy cutting!

– chris

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Unbelievable Amateur-Made CGI

March 22, 2007


My jaw dropped when I saw the result of the CG Society‘s recent competition. Entrants were asked to create computer-based art inspired by Greg Bear‘s novel, Eon.

All of the finalists were impressive, but the film trailers were outstanding. Making a good trailer is incredibly difficult and the winners did it without a budget, professional actors, or a real crew.

Make sure to watch the winning entry. You can see the rest of the finalists here.

– chris

Make a Green Commercial, Win a Trip to Cannes

March 13, 2007

Big Shot in Cannes

Put on your thinking cap and start storyboarding your next commercial. Yahoo! is running a green ad competition, Big Shot in Cannes. The winners will be flown to the International Advertising Festival in Cannes, France in June.

Yahoo! is looking for ads that inspire “people to get off their butts and improve the planet.” The winners will receive exposure on an international stage, not to mention an all expense paid trip to Cannes.

If you can compel people to buy solar panels in droves, then break out your camera and start shooting. The entry deadline is May 7th.

– chris

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Creepy Clown Rap Wins StockStock Film Fest

March 12, 2007


StockStock, the stock footage film festival we covered in January, just released the finalists for this year’s competition. The winner, Noise and Clowns, is an entrancingly bizarre combination of manufactured beats and creepy clown visuals. You can watch it below.

I think editing competitions are an excellent way to showcase and compare new talent. Hopefully we’ll see more like this in the future.

– chris