Clark and Michael: The Ultimate Webshow

June 28, 2007

Clark and Michael 1

Clark and Michael is a hilarious new web-based mockumentary featuring the talents of Michael Cera, of Arrested Development fame, and newcomer Clark Duke. The premise: Clark and Michael, two best friends trying to make careers in Hollywood, hire a camera crew to document their journey to fame.

Clark and Michael 2

The show features the dry humor of The Office and the awkwardness of Curb Your Enthusiasm. This amazing combination, has succeeded in keeping me engaged through the entirety of each 10 minute show, an impressive feat for a web show.

Clark and Michael 3

The show is written and directed by its two stars and funded by CBS. So far 6 of the 10 episodes have been released, with new episodes coming out each Wednesday. Clark and Michael is surely a sign of things to come, so pay close attention.

Check it out starting with episode 1.Enjoy!

– chris

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2 Responses to “Clark and Michael: The Ultimate Webshow”

  1. Clark and Michael is awesome. There is another new web series you guys should review, Tragically Unemployed

  2. tropist Says:

    Thanks for the heads up. I’ll check it out!

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