Procrastination Friday: Missing Pages

June 1, 2007

Missing Pages

In one of my very first assignments in my intro film class was to make a movie with nothing but static images and sound. At the time, I remember being dumbfounded. How could someone tell a story without long tracking shots? Or worse yet, how was I going to survive the absence of a slow motion fight scene in my first film? Little did I know that with some slick after effects work and some clever editing, these options were still possible.

Missing Pages
is an incredible shortfilm created using extensive part photo-play, about a future gone awry after some damaging time-travelling. It’s a marvel of production work and story telling.  The film is filled with incredible after effects work, stunning photography and killer editing.

You need to watch this right now. Check out the HD version for the ultimate experience or head to the official site to watch at standard quality.

HD: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Have a great weekend!

(via No Fat Clips!!!)


One Response to “Procrastination Friday: Missing Pages”

  1. […] Missing Pages – I haven’t had a chance to watch the film, but Tropist makes it sound like something not to be missed, so perhaps you’ll have time to check it out. […]

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