The Importance of Opening Film Titles

February 21, 2007

A good opening title sequence sets the tone of a film and serves to establish rhythm and pacing. Yes, yes, it’s never good to judge a book by its cover, but who can resist the urge? The good people at the Submarine Channel have started a collection of title sequences called Forget the Feature, Watch the Titles. Indulge!

Smoking Aces

I just watched the opening sequence for Smoking Aces, something I never expected I would do after seeing the trailer. I’m surprisingly intrigued; it’s very cool and makes me think that the film may actually have some positive qualities.

Some of my favorites title sequences not yet on the Submarine Channel are the openings to Seven and Fight Club (both Fincher flicks coincidentally). Definitely worth a look if you’re looking to be impressed. What are your favorites?

– chris


3 Responses to “The Importance of Opening Film Titles”

  1. […] Want to see more title sequences? The Submarine Channel’s has a great archive that we’ve covered here. […]

  2. blah blah blah blah blah blah blah i like ponies blah blah blah. but onto some real biz here. whats up with the production methods these days? i mean i can notice soooo many things in movies that others cant and it makes me soooo freaking upset that i just dont want to even live anymore! For all those out there, im not emo im just a hard going cridict. Now onto something less inportant. What do u people think about emo zombies? arnt they freaking awsome????!!!!!

  3. i want some freaking pie ND I WANT SOME NOW!!!!!!!!!! OR IM GOING TO KILL U ALL!!!

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