The Gorgeous Motion Graphics of Stranger Than Fiction

March 14, 2007

Last weekend I watched Stranger Than Fiction expecting to see a regular Will Ferrell comedy, but I was happily surprised to find a little gem of a film jam-packed with sick motion graphics. Fortunately for you and me, MK12, the motion graphics house behind Stranger Than Fiction’s animation, just updated their reels (via Motionographer).

The motion graphics in the film are part of a graphical user interface that helps Will Ferrell’s character (and the audience) to navigate the film. The GUI shows its face early and often, starting in a delightful opening sequence. Watch it now.


Head to MK12’s site to see the closing titles and tons of other great work. They even put up the pitches that landed them the Stranger Than Fiction job.


Want to see more title sequences? The Submarine Channel has a great archive that we’ve covered here.

– chris


6 Responses to “The Gorgeous Motion Graphics of Stranger Than Fiction”

  1. […] cinema, video bellissima questa sequenza d’apertura del film inglese stranger than fiction. leggo che tutto il film è su questa falsariga. sembra interessante. qualcuno l’ha […]

  2. Skip Says:

    I agree. I am not a Will Farrel fan, but this movie is eye candy for us Graphic artists!

    I was thoroughly enchanted by the “swinging” graphics and title sequences. I am presently trying to incorporatethe the look into an ongoing article which will appear in a university magazine I’m designing.

    MK12 is badd (I mean real good!)

  3. tropist Says:


    I whole heartedly agree. Their G.U.I. was so well integrated into the film I found myself missing elements of it the first time through.

    Be sure to let us know when your article hits the presses!


  4. Bluetag Design Movement Says:

    Wow, saw the film last night. A beautiful film in general and some of the most well planned, amazing motion graphics i’ve seen! I had to find out who did it. Awesome job MK12.


  5. […] allein schon wegen dem making of ist die dvd sehenswert. [die links und das bild stammen von einem blog post des Tropist Weblog] Technorati Tags: infografik, information […]

  6. […] The Gorgeous Motion Graphics of Stranger Than Fiction – […]

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