The Art of the Long Take

May 10, 2007

Long Take

Alan Bacchus over at Daily Film Dose, has put together quite an impressive list of long takes. He’s decided to pay homage to what he refers to as one of “…the flashiest and most attention-grabbing egotistical way of flexing one’s muscle.”

Do this man a favor and start watching all those long takes he’s tracked down. He starts things off with the classic opening to Touch of Evil, a must-see (especially for all you Walter Murch fans) and then hits a number of other greats including Antonioni’s The Passenger, Children of Men (of course), The Weekend and Elephant.

You may lose half an hour of your afternoon, but it’ll be worth it.

– chris


One Response to “The Art of the Long Take”

  1. […] images and sound. At the time, I remember being dumbfounded. How could someone tell a story without long tracking shots? Or worse yet, how was I going to survive the absence of a slow motion fight scene in my first […]

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