Great Northern’s Home

August 8, 2007

Home 1

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of innovative music videos. But it’s not everyday that I watch a music video for a band that does it’s job so well that I find myself instantly trying to buy the album. This morning I came across a video for the band Great Northern called Home that did exactly that.

The video features some slick motion graphics and compositing work, layered around the band in a Modest Mouse – Float On style. This style has become a bit commonplace but in this case the synergy of the music and the effects result in a really strong video.
Home 2
Watch it in low or high resolution. Check out this hype machine playlist for a more Great Northern.

– chris

(via No Fat Clips!)


One Response to “Great Northern’s Home”

  1. Get Smart Says:

    Indie music also produces a lot of concerts, for which white people can attend and meet other white people. It’s especially useful, since they are attending the same concert, they both like the artist and can easily strike up a conversation that will flow from band at the show->other bands they like->where they went to/go to school->where to get the best vegan food in town->agreement to meet at said restaurant for awkward date.

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