Friday Fun: Light Graffiti

June 29, 2007

Light Painting 1

I was blown away when I came across these light paintings yesterday on Reddit. The concept is pretty simple: take long exposure photos of people moving lights around. It sounds simple enough, but with the right skill intricate drawings can emerge.

Light Painting 2

Light painting has been around for a long time and has been done by more artists than you would expect. Below, a light painting done by Picasso in 1924.


The ‘crew’ creating these intricate works involve many people moving together on one image. The results are breath taking.

Light Painting 3

Light Painting 4

The man behind the work, LICHTFAKTOR, can be found on myspace. You can check out all of his photos in this flickr slideshow. To learn how they did it you can check out their equipment and watch a video of their light painting in action.

– chris


7 Responses to “Friday Fun: Light Graffiti”

  1. Tiff Says:

    wow, how do you do that??

  2. sam harrons Says:

    This is completly Brillient!

  3. chris Says:

    amazing, i imagin how you do it and i`m surprised how long it takes, congratulations, very good work

  4. Sascha Says:

    Hey great pictures, check out my light-graffiti pictures
    please comment

  5. this is totally awesome

  6. […] meu amigo Endo lembro de um blog, o Tropist, que traz uma galeria de pinturas feitas com luz. Tem vídeo e até […]

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