Scion’s Crazed Little Deviant Campaign

June 26, 2007

Little Deviants

The production maniacs at Shilo have created a gorgeous and bizarre campaign for Scion. The concept: devil-like creatures dubbed little deviants, run through a cityscape killing sheeple to end the boredom plaguing their city.

The commercial features some impressive work from Shilo. The little deviants and sheeple are dynamic, yet well defined and the environments they’ve created are stunning. It’s an impressive execution that had me watching the commercial multiple times.

Little Deviant Eating

The campaign also includes a web game, where you’ll have the opportunity to help the little deviants kill off the sheeple in gruesome style. It looks like they’re hoping that their target demographic, adolescent males, won’t be able to stop themselves from harvesting sheeple blood. It seems like a little much to me, but I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Little Deviant game

Watch the commercial check out the game, see Shilo’s previous work and head to their official site.

– chris

(via Motionographer)


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