Australia’s Ads Ask, Why Are You Really Speeding?

June 26, 2007

Speed Wag

I guess Australia has a big problem with teenage males speeding. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, there’s a new ad campaign designed to make speeding socially unacceptable by targeting teenage boys where it hurts, in the pants.

The campaigns mantra, “no one thinks big of you,” implies what you think it does. The commercial features female onlookers gesturing with their pinkies, as young boys speed by with hopes of leaving a big impression. In essence, you speed because you’re small.

Speed Small

The reasoning for the unique campaign is that “…traditional “shock horror advertising” that highlighted injury and death from speeding was no longer effective on “people exposed to computer games, modern media … and horror films”.

If you’re thinking this is a small little Australian ad then take note: “The campaign, which runs across the state, includes TV and cinema ads, posters in bus shelters, and a 15-second “viral” internet ad that offers “speedsters” an “xtra xtra small” condom.” I have not been able to find this ‘viral’ ad yet, if you do please pass it along.

Will this be effective? Watch the commercial and decide for yourself.

– chris


One Response to “Australia’s Ads Ask, Why Are You Really Speeding?”

  1. kinkikids Says:

    Well living in Australia myself I guess yes. There is a case not long ago a guy just want to show off in front in school girls and just end up bumping his car into them and kill and injury them…

    I guess this new ad is a government ad. State government one. And I have to say Australia’s government commercial is really great! I mean they spent heaps into it … Those “Rip off 5 or you are bloody idiot.” may be not working but it did scared at least me off…

    well whether it work is another problem but I bet it didn’t work much. Those guys won’t learn unless they kill themselves or injury their friends. May I say just that they have no brain. However no discrimination guys and girls do speed but generally more guy do…


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