JibJab Creator on Online Audience Building

June 25, 2007

This Land

Diane Kristine, a writer for Blog Critics magazine, recently chatted with Gregg Spiridellis, one of the creators of JibJab, about his experience growing a successful web entertainment brand.

Spiridellis has some unique insight into creating video on the web as he’s been doing it longer than pretty much anyone. In 1999 Spirdiellis and his brother started JibJab, fronting the costs themselves years before web video was part of ‘proven’ business model. After surviving the dot com burst, they forged ahead until success found them in 2004 with the release of This Land. This Land, a political short released during the 2004 elections, was seen 80 million times over the course of a couple months.

From the interview:

Working in Los Angeles, the brothers are confronted by the reality of a system of agents, managers, executives, and lawyers that was designed long before anyone thought of the Internet, never mind creating video content for it.

“It’s so hard to get anything done,” Spiridellis complains. “The whole system was created to produce a small number of really big investment productions, but with the web you’ve got to be able to produce a very big number of small productions.”

Check out BlogCritics to peruse the whole article. Head to JibJab if you’ve got a few hours to spare.

– chris


One Response to “JibJab Creator on Online Audience Building”

  1. JibJab Team Says:

    Loved that BC post. Thanks for sharing This Land!

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