Real Time Ad Changes on MTV

June 20, 2007


AdAge is reporting that MTV has just inked a deal with Visible World, a company that allows custom fitted ads to be placed in real time. That is to say, an advertiser can change an ad 5 minutes before it airs to reflect the recent developments of a live broadcast or anything else they want.

This technology brings with it the possibility of intriguing interactions between advertiser and consumer. The ads could change dramatically from commercial break to commercial break. A well designed campaign could even help to stop the ‘dreaded’ Tivo take-over. I’m sure Fallon Worldwide could think of something even more effective than their incredibly successful Buddy Lee Control Freak.

As the good people at Unbeige point out, “The question, of course, becomes: does this mean a lot, lot, lot more money for ad agencies if they’re going to have to start creating 15 spots for every :30 buy? And it also seems like potentially great news for production companies.”

Sounds good to me.  Time to contact your local ad agency and let them know why you’re the production company they should choose for all their new commercials. Money in the bank.

Read the AdAge article, take a look at Unbeige’s thoughts and then head to Fallon Worldwide’s website. Check out their work on Buddy Lee and the BMW films if you’ve got time.

– chris


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