Val’s Art Diary: This is How to Promote Yourself Online

June 18, 2007

Vals Art Diary

Are you an artist looking to promote yourself online? Well pay attention to this one. Val’s Art Diary is an excellent example of a web presence built by a talented painter, known only online as Valentina.

Valentina is a painter and a personality who is building an impressive online following by engaging her audience and involving them in her creative process. Val documents her painting on video and edits a punchy artist’s statement that she releases onto the inter-webs. She then sells the featured paintings on ebay. She has built a brilliant viral marketing platform and if the ebay auctions are any indication it looks things are paying off nicely.

Her first painting video was put on YouTube in November and has been seen an amazing 750,000 times. Her most recent video, YouTube on the iPhone(embedded below), has all the makings of a well timed viral hit. She’s going to fool quite a few people into thinking she has an iPhone, which she has tied into her motivations for this week’s painting. I can’t wait to see happens to her views and her auction.

You can bid on Val’s most recent painting, watch her vlog and check out her official site. If the ebay thing turns you off, you can also purchase prints on DeviantArt.

– chris


2 Responses to “Val’s Art Diary: This is How to Promote Yourself Online”

  1. Tyler Bushby Says:

    I like your art and your videos. They are funny and your voice is calming to listen to. I’m not sure how I can win a painting or how to purchase one if I could even afford it 🙂 Thanks for the laughs and the chance to view your beauty in your art.

  2. frank Says:

    is it not allso true that youtube will pay you for reciveing hits on your site? i mean ,your not advertiseing i phones for nothing i am sure. i notice those little banner adds on the sides of your videos too.and the more diferent sites you can get people to hit on that are related to you, you recive hit money.yes,, theres menny ways to make money on youtube besides e-bay. 🙂

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