Ratatouille’s Attention to Detail

June 13, 2007


The New York Times has an interesting article about the research done for Pixar’s summer film, Ratatouille. Apparently a number of the Ratatouille crew went to France to eat and cook in some of the best Parisian restaurants.  Brad Lewis, one of Ratatouille’s producers said that “…[the restaurant staff] had recorded that one woman took 10 minutes between her first sip of white Burgundy and her second,” he said. “So they concluded that the wine was too cold and were going to adjust accordingly.”

The article also touches on the importance of anti-realism when it comes to computer rendered food.

“We didn’t want something to look really photo-real,” said Sharon Calahan, the director of photography and lighting. “If it starts looking too real, it starts getting pretty disturbing.”

It’s intriguing that so much attention is paid to the details of the environment, so that the crew can create a realistic film about a rat, who is a cooking god. Well from the looks of things, they’ve sold me. Be sure and check out the first 9 minutes of the film to see their details in action.

Here is the NYTimes article and of course, Ratatouille’s official site.

– chris


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