Four Eyed Monsters Premieres on YouTube

June 9, 2007

Four Eyed Monster

Four Eyed Monsters
, the 2005 Slamdance hit that has been the subject of mainstream media because of their emblematic indie story, can now be seen in its entirety on Youtube. The filmmakers, Susan Brice and Arin Crumley, have struck a deal with, a film review site, where they will get paid $1 for every person that signs up at Spout because of Four Eyed Monsters. They hope to get the film to a wide audience using YouTube’s platform and hopefully rid themselves of their debts through sign-ups at Spout.

This is innovative new way to monetize a film and I expect that Susan and Arin will be very happy in a week or so. At the time of writing, they’ve already made about $4000 from sign-ups! Four Eyed Monsters is only going to be available free on YouTube for a week, so make sure to re-arrange your schedule so you can fit this gem in.

You can watch the film here, on the official site or on YouTube. For more on the filmmakers plight, check out a great interview that Ajit at Ticklebooth had with the crew last year. Finally, sign up at Spout to help reward Susan and Arin for all their hard work.

– chris

(via TechCrunch)


One Response to “Four Eyed Monsters Premieres on YouTube”

  1. Paul Zadie Says:

    Four Eyed Monsters is a fantastic piece of art that tells an absorbing story. A must see. I purchased the DVD, and I’m still going to sign up at Spout. They deserve all of the support they can get.

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