Portfolio: Will Pearson’s Stunning Panoramas

June 6, 2007

Pearson London

Will Pearson is an incredible photographer specializing in gorgeous panoramas of his hometown, London. Not only is Pearson’s work breathtaking, but there is an enormous amount available for consumption on his site.

Pearson also has one of the most innovative ways of showcase a series of photos I’ve ever seen. For his Rain Project, shot in 2004, he has a series of photos taken in the rain from his front door. He is showcasing the series with an interactive 360 degree Quicktime VR, taken from the inside of his front door. Once in the QTVR, which is a gorgeous shot itself, pan to the floor to see all the photos taken from the same perspective. If you’re having trouble getting the photos to open in a new window, just head here.

Pearson Rain

Clear the next 30 minutes of your day, cause you’ve got some gorgeous photos to appreciate. Will Pearson’s Official Site.

– chris


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