See Yourself in 3rd Person

June 5, 2007

Avatar Machine

Marc Owens, a Design Product student at the Royal College of Art, has created a hilarious and amazing piece of ‘apparel’.  Owens has fashioned what he calls The Avatar Machine, a suit which allows the user the incredible ability to bulk up and live their life in 3rd person, if only for a fifteen minute period.

Owens created a back-mounted tripod with a camera, that broadcasts to a screen that fills the vision of the wearer. He was inspired by the 3rd person experience often associated with video games. There is a phenomenal short film here, aching to be made. Think about how self reflexive it could be: the audience of the film, watching the character within the film watching themselves. With a plot and some effort it could even be interesting!

The hipsters at we make money not art conducted a interesting interview with Owens about his first experience with others using the machine., check it out.

After a few minutes, users began to gain confidence not only with faster and more fluid movement, but also began to mimic the types on movement that they imagined the avatar would demonstrate, ie: sto[m]ping around and swinging of arms.

You can read Owens’ blurb about the project for more info or head to his official site to see his other interesting projects.

– chris

(via we make money not art )


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