Wanna know more, Just text my shirt!

June 4, 2007


Reactee is new company that prints custom slogans onto shirts, which when texted to a predetermined number reply with custom messages created for each individual shirt. It looks like Reactee would be a phenomenal way to promote yourself at film festivals, conventions or even out-on-the-town.


The shirts are $20, but 25% codes are flying around for the month of June. If there ever was a time to get a custom t-shirt printed with your own special slogan, nows the time. I’m not sure what my slogan is going to be, but I’ll use it to promote all sorts of wild stuff once I come up with it. Don’t worry, I’ll plaster it all over the weblog once I’ve decided on it.

– chris

(via the design nuts at NOTCOT)


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