Max Tyrie’s Modest Mouse Music Video

May 29, 2007

Modest Mouse

About a month ago I covered the Modest Mouse music video contest, so it’s about time to check in on some of the entries. I was having trouble getting the entries on the official site to work, but fortunately the Wooster Collective came to the rescue by featuring an amazing entry done by a man name Max Tyrie (who apparently did character animation for spiderman 3?).

Max cut the shots the way he wanted, printed them out, photocopied them, then painstakingly photographed and animated them after integrating them into alternate environments.  If technique sounds vaguely familiar you’ve probably seen the amazing short Copy Shop, if it doesn’t then watch it now.

Max’s entry is unique take on the green screen concept and I’m sure it will stand out amongst the other entries.

Watch the video and check out the official site if you think you can get the videos to work.

– chris


4 Responses to “Max Tyrie’s Modest Mouse Music Video”


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  2. Matthew Says:

    OMG! That’s the most completely inefficient production method you could possibly come up with.
    This must have taken 200 hours just to shoot and cost about $400 in photocopies. I don’t even want to think about how long the editing took.
    They should get an award for the least efficient production methodology ever – although I must admit that I like the end result. I think it’s the song that I like mostly though.

    I have a hard time believing this guy worked on a feature, although “character animator” makes sense – in other words “I spend a whole lot of time geeking out on Maya making CGI and ignoring the rest of the production process so I have no real idea what the heck I am doing with the rest of a production”

    They could have achieved the same result with one sheet of colored paper and a digital VIDEO camera (remember those – they shoot sequences of images?) and a laptop, and probably completed it in 10 hours total. I wonder how many bits they had to throw away on the SLR pics. What a waste.

    The projection work is just lame. For poor resolution “ghosty” projection effects, you could just lower the frame rate and do a composite. These guys really need to get a book on After Effects, then they could get a real job.

    Santa Monica looks cool, though.

  3. tropist Says:

    Matthew, you just killed me. Easily one of the best comments ever.

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