Portfolio: Rodney Smith Surreal Photographer

May 17, 2007

Rodney Smith Jumper

Rodney Smith is a photographer who specializes in creating beautiful and surreal photos using simple subjects. Much of his work looks more like a Magritte than a photo. He has captured some of the most amazing compositions and natural lighting that I’ve ever seen. The moments he tends to capture are unique and thought provoking.

Rodney Smith Swimmer

Rodney also sells an enormous amount of his work as stock photography. He has a fully branded search and purchase environment on his own site that really impressed me. It’s a very clever and I’m sure, quite effective way to monetize many of his extra prints.

Rodney Smith Lifter

To best appreciate Mr. Smith’s work you’ll want to peruse his full portfolio.

– chris


3 Responses to “Portfolio: Rodney Smith Surreal Photographer”

  1. cruxphoto Says:

    Those are really fun, especially the second one. Refreshing!

  2. tropist Says:

    I agree, the second one is my favorite too.

  3. Mango Pirate Says:

    I love the first one… so free..

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