Moss Maps and Snake Suits

May 7, 2007

Moss Australia

I was happily surprised this morning to wake up and see my studio foundation professor, Nina Katchadorian, featured by the good people at Coudal.

Coudal focused in on Nina’s series of Moss Maps, an interesting series in which she charted moss around her family’s home creating a sort of living atlas.

Moss Hawaii

Personally, my favorite of her collection was Animal Crossdressing.

While visiting the Emperor Valley Zoo in Port of Spain one day, I met the zoo keeper who was in charge of the snakes. I watched him feed and care for the snakes over several weeks, and over time saw many mice, rats, guinea pigs and even rabbits swallowed whole. I never got entirely used to watching the feedings, and couldn’t squelch my sentimental response to devise a scheme for some ways the prey animal could escape its fate.

Nina’s solution, give a mouse a snake-suit and a snake a mouse-suit. The results are an odd pair animals that would both have trouble devouring each other.

Animal Crossdressing

Head on over to Nina’s site to see all of her great work.

– chris


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