Procrastination Friday: Walter Murch Speaks at BAFTA

April 27, 2007


Looking to be inspired? Well sit yourself down and settle in for a serious Q&A lecture session with the great Walter Murch. Murch spoke during the 2003 BAFTA ceremonies about the craft of editing and his creative decision making.

Murch is going to cover the history of film editing in detail over the next 90 minutes, so you may need to get out your moleskine. Watch Part 1 and then Part 2.

If you still need more Murch be sure to check out our previous coverage.
– chris


3 Responses to “Procrastination Friday: Walter Murch Speaks at BAFTA”

  1. […] Weblog has dug up a rather nice set of links that are chock-full of creative inspiration. Watch a lengthy two-part Q&A lecture by reknown […]

  2. tropist Says:

    pomak, thanks for the heads up. They changed the links on me, but don’t worry. We got if fixed!

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