Video: The Most Expensive Domain Names

April 25, 2007

Good Domains

Ever wondered what the most expensive domain names are? Well not to worry, GOOD Magazine has put together a great stop motion video covering the five most expensive domain names of all time. It’s quick, fun and worth your time.

GOOD is a brand new magazine that’s been doing a great job releasing original content to the web. This short video will likely become viral and help to spread the GOOD name.

GOOD has a unique business model, they donate 100% of subscription fees to charity and make all their money through advertising. For more, check out another GOOD video we’ve previously covered.

– chris


4 Responses to “Video: The Most Expensive Domain Names”

  1. The video is no longer working? Would like to know what they are?

  2. tropist Says:

    Thanks for the heads up. Looks like they uploaded a newer version of the video, so I’ve updated the link!

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  4. […] Magazine continues have come up with meaningful ways to display data. Their branding graph is no exception. In this example they’ve taken a barcode and cut it up to […]

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