Portfolio: Aaron Koblin’s Data-Driven Work

April 17, 2007


Aaron Koblin is a California-based artist who focuses on data-driven projects. We first noticed him yesterday, when the good people at Coudal linked to his flight pattern project. Koblin took a 24-hour chunk of US flight data from the FAA and used it to craft an impressive visualization.
Koblin is also the architect and sole creator of The Sheep Market. Using Amazon’s Mechanical Turk, Koblin employed thousands of workers to draw sheep for him online. He paid out $0.02 a pop and managed to amass 10,000 unique renderings. The drawings have been printed onto stamps (not actual postal stamps) which he sells on his website for $1 per stamp. It’s quite an onslaught of virtual sheep. Baah.


– chris


3 Responses to “Portfolio: Aaron Koblin’s Data-Driven Work”

  1. If you like The Sheep Market you’ll love the BUNNY MANDALA


  2. David Says:

    Aaron, if you read this, what influenced your decision for the background tile on your website?

    Has anyone else noticed the upcoming gray stripe trend?

  3. tropist Says:

    I can’t escape those gray stripes — I’ve been noticing them everywhere. The next time I get a moment, I’m going to eradicate the stripes in the Tropist header.


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