Pleix Lets Rabbits Run Wild

April 16, 2007

Pleix Rabbits

In a routine check of (the website of one of our favorite director collectives), we came across the new music video they just put together for Groove Armada. It’s a behind–the-scenes look at a music video shoot that goes awry when the talent can’t ‘control’ itself. And it’s hilariously self-referential.

The shoot features large rendered rabbits dancing in front of a blue screen. Obviously influenced by the smooth beats of Groove Armada, the rabbits waste no time in getting down (and begin to reproduce rapidly).

If you’re looking for some inspiration, head to Pleix’s site and witness their genius. My personal favorite is Birds.

– chris


3 Responses to “Pleix Lets Rabbits Run Wild”

  1. tropist Says:

    This is clearly spam, but it’s a complement and I feel bad deleting it.

  2. Martey Says:

    If it is spam, it is clearly not an actual compliment (since Livette does not exist and does not really think you have a nice blog). For me, deleting spam is the same as killing mosquitoes – they are both nuisances, both in the time I have to spend dealing with them and in the actions. Spammers are worse than mosquitoes, since they are not genetically compelled to write fake comments and messages and infect other peoples’ computers in order to send more of their missives.

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