Procrastination Friday: Heat Vision and Jack

April 13, 2007


For every 10 pilots shot, one might be lucky enough to make it to air. So what ever happens to the 9 that didn’t make it? Well nowadays they usually find their way on to YouTube. Heat Vision and Jack is one of the many pilots that never made it to TV, but did find an audience online. Directed by Ben Stiller and featuring a star-studded cast, Heat Vision and Jack was shot in 1999 for Fox.

Jack Black stars as Jack Austin, a former astronaut who was “exposed to inappropriate levels of solar radiation” and is now three times smarter than the smartest man alive. Owen Wilson is the voice of Heat Vision, Jack’s motorcycle sidekick (à la Knight Rider). And Ron Silver plays himself.

If you haven’t seen it, watch it this instant; it’s Procrastination Friday for god’s sake. And don’t worry, this isn’t the end for Heat Vision and Jack — word on the street is that there’s a feature script in the works.

For more HVAJ action check out the producer’s website.

– chris


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