The Guerilla Drive-In Movement Gains Traction

April 11, 2007

Guerrilla Drive-In

John Young is a prolific inventor. You may have heard of some of his past triumphs, like the Retropod, a Sony Walkman casing for the iPod; or the Ultimate Water Gun, a powerful water cannon that sits atop your noggin. But it’s his recent work that really has us most interested — a project called the Guerilla Drive-In.

Similar in nature to MobMov (which we covered here), the Guerilla Drive-In is about spur-of-the-moment outdoor screenings using a 16mm projector and an AM broadcasting rig that Young’s built into the sidecar his 1977 BMW motorcycle. He’s planning to screen each film in an ‘appropriate location’ — think Caddyshack on the links and Repo Man at junkyard. And the cherry on top: the actual locations of the showings won’t be published on the website. In order to get to one of these Guerilla Drive-Ins, you’re going to have to do some sleuth work!

– chris

(via BoingBoing)


2 Responses to “The Guerilla Drive-In Movement Gains Traction”

  1. John Young Says:

    Oh, man, there’s that sweet, sweet, Internet flattery that I crave. Sadly, however, I have discovered another John Young — a khaki-wearing, handlebar-mustached, badass Australian cinematographer John Young — that kicks my inventor ass up, down, and sideways. So I’m forming the International Federation for the Betterment of John Young, partly to support John Young’s claim that he has actually documented a new species of Blue-Fronted Fig Parrot. Why those Australian ornithologists got to HATE?

    Anyhow, thanks for the link! Our first movie is this Saturday; wish us luck!

  2. John Young Says:

    Oh, whoops, forgot to add the link for you to learn more about JOHN YOUNG PRIME, the Australian:

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