Sky Farming

April 4, 2007

Sky Farm

Dr. Dickson Despommier of Columbia University is pioneering concepts for integrating vertical farms into sky scrapers. Vertical farming is indoor farming in high-rise format. Say goodbye to traditional ‘horizontal’ farms — Despommier is stacking his wunder-farms right on top of your apartment building. These farms promise year-round food growth and even generate their own power. New York Magazine has a great article featuring a pictorial walk-through of the Vertical Farm. For more info, check out the official site.

Although I’m not convinced these farms are economically feasible, they look ridiculously sweet. And if nothing else, their team of CAD designers have succeeded in creating renderings that give me the warm fuzzies.

Sky Farm2

– chris


2 Responses to “Sky Farming”

  1. Niang Says:

    Je pense que les concepteurs et les supporters de cette “de cette ferme du ciel”sont un peu aveugles.

    En ce moment on cherche à réparer les dégats que nous avons causé sur la nature et eux il nous proposent un nouvau déséquilibre.

    Ouvrons les yeux et ne fonçons pas direct au mur.
    Et aissayons une foi de plus de raisonner notre agriculture.SVP;;;;;;;;;

  2. Kabindra Says:

    It seems interesting…..

    I am a sky farmer.

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