Jeep’s New Advertainment: The Urban Robot

March 21, 2007


Urban Robot 2


Brand New School, the bi-coastal directing collective, has just turned out another gem of a commercial for Jeep. This is the second in their urban robot series (here’s the first). Their spots are fun, fresh and invoke all the feelings Jeep wants me to have — like the urge to destroy street signs with a new Jeep Compass.

When advertisers choose creative solutions, like huge robots surfing through cities, viewers are much less likely to bust out the TiVo. This is not a commercial, it’s advertainment.

For more advertainment, see Brand New School‘s work for Virgin Mobile, Target, D&A and VW.


(via Motionographer)

– chris






2 Responses to “Jeep’s New Advertainment: The Urban Robot”

  1. jeepbuff Says:

    This commercial is indeed a very entertaining. The concept was very creative touse a robot to exhibit its jeep compass. Expectedly, there will be series of this urban robot coming to put on display other jeep accesories and parts.

  2. […] about all the robot stories, but this was too good to pass […]

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