the show with zefrank Comes to an End

March 17, 2007

Ze Sad

The final episode of the show with zefrank has hit the interweb. For those that don’t know, the show is a daily webshow run by an eccentric Brooklynite named Ze Frank. During its year-long run, the show became one of the most popular webshows — garnering attention from a number of major press outlets and attracting a legion of hyper-active fans. If you have 15 hours to spare, then start watching here and head on ’til morning.

Ze’s show is a great example of how to build a following and market yourself online. His witty, fast-cutting, stream-of-consciousness style proved to be the perfect blend of comedy and commentary, but what really kept his fans coming back was the interaction. Ze pioneered the interactive webshow experience. He created a space for viewers to collaborate with each other and get involved with the creation of the show and related projects. the ORG, a social network for fans of the show, currently has over 20,000 members.

Ze may have started doing the show by himself, but he ended up collaborating with an army of Sports Racers. He finished things off with “Weather Reports” featuring Paul Rudd, John Hodgman, Jack McBrayer (Kennith from 30 Rock) and Jack Black. Not too shabby.

If you want more, check out the LA Times article that just hit the presses. As Jack Black, one of Ze’s fans put it, “Ze Frank is a rare gem, a brilliant comedian with an artistic undertaste…He might be my hero.”

You can watch his final episode here. Ze, you’ll be missed.

– chris


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