These Effects are NOT Computer Generated: Painting with Light

March 8, 2007


Studio Daily has a really interesting interview with Nick Thornton-Jones and Warren Du Preez talking about the in-camera visual effects techniques they used in a recent BMW commercial.

This crew-of-two used some innovative tricks to “paint with light”, an effect often featured in photography, but rarely found in video. Using a still camera, one only needs to slow the shutter-speed to achieve the desired effect. With a motion film camera, things get considerably more difficult. One of their techniques involved hanging a car from the ceiling and showering it with sparks. Watch to see how it turned out.

There’s a distinct sense of authenticity here — something that’s definitely lacking in today’s CGI-enhanced auto commercials. See for yourself and decide if you think it was worth the extra effort. I definitely do.


(via FreshDV )


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