Choosing Colors with Others

March 5, 2007

Japanese Garden

Japanese Garden – One of Kuler’s Most Popular

Adobe’s Kuler is a web-based tool that lets people share, rate and comment on color palettes. Kuler’s users create color palettes that are then ranked based on their popularity and rating. These color palettes can also be downloaded and imported into PhotoShop, Illustrator and many other Adobe products. Think Billboard charts for color.

Some of my favorite tools are Color Whore and Colors On The Web. ColorWhore is “a directory of nice colors”. Anyone can enter and classify a color they like. It’s a great place to start your search or find some inspiration.

Colors On The Web aims to demystify the color selection process. They have many great tools, including their incredibly useful Color Wizard. If you want to learn about the Monocromatic, Triadic and Tetradic color relationships, then this is your spot.



Know of any sweet color resources? Post them here.

– chris


2 Responses to “Choosing Colors with Others”

  1. I don’t necessarilly agree with everything you’ve written here, but still found it to be a very interesting read. Thanks.

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