Toonbreak: A Revver-based Animation Destination

March 2, 2007

Toonbreak is a new site where animators can distribute their work and make a buck or two while they’re at it. The site was started by Shawn McInerney, who is himself a talented and successful animator. At first glance, Toonbreak appears to be quite a noble endeavour. Artists make money each time their video is seen and even have the option of adding in their own Google ads or online store.

It should be pointed out that Shawn won’t be ending up empty handed in this deal. All of the videos on Toonbreak’s site are hosted by Revver, a video sharing site that inserts single-frame ads at the end of each video. Revver shares ad revenue with not only the content creator (the animator in this case), but also with the sharer (Toonbreak).

Overall, I think Toonbreak is a good thing, but they really should do something about that late-90s web aesthetic they’ve got going — I thought I was in some kind of time-warp when I first visited the site.


ToonBreak (2007) | (1996)



(via cinematech)


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