A Mobile Drive-In

February 27, 2007


It’s hard to find a good drive-in theatre these days. Fortunately, the mobile drive-in has been invented. Attach a projector to your car, broadcast the audio via radio to your friends’ cars, and enjoy a drive-in movie wherever and whenever you want.

A group called MobMov stakes its claim as the pioneers of this concept. Check out their site for documentation of their exploits and a tutorial on how to set up your very own on-the-go drive-in. Brendan says he invented this concept independently of MobMov in March of 2005, although no one seems to believe him since he never did anything about it.

I’m a big fan of house-side projections, it’s a great way to spice up a summer party. We’ll be organizing a few of these this summer, so get ready.

– chris


One Response to “A Mobile Drive-In”

  1. […] in nature to MobMov (which we covered here), the Guerilla Drive-In is about spur-of-the-moment outdoor screenings using a 16mm projector and […]

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