The Corporation Distributed Legally for Free

February 22, 2007


The award winning documentary The Corporation (2003) has legally made it’s way onto Google Video. This is shocking. I have not heard of another ‘mainstream’ film that was fully released to the public legally and for free on the web. I think it’s incredibly cool that these filmmakers believe so strongly in their film that they’re willing to release it for free on the web.

The movie opens up with a message from the co-director and producer, Mark Achbar. He explains that it took 8 years and the work of over 200 people to make the movie. The filmmakers are hoping that people will opt to contribute a few bucks after they watch it. A few months ago we covered Unflinching Triumph, an independently produced mockumentary released straight to internet. They allowed anyone to burn the film onto a DVD, watch it online or download high quality versions for free.

Part 1

Part 2

– chris


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