Crossing the Line to Excessive Design

February 17, 2007

Pushing the limits of design and reworking current conventions often results in innovative solutions to old problems. But this ongoing quest to create clever work will sometimes push the bounds of ridiculousness and excess. This aquarium sink is no exception. I understand the urge to take animals out of their habitat and put them into small enclosures for our enjoyment, but imprisoning them in a sink where they are forced to watch people use the toilet and be spat on twice daily seems like animal cruelty.

Aquarium Sink2

Ok, I’ll admit it. I would buy this sink if I had an extra bathroom in my house. But only if I could enclose a dangerous animal in it, like a jellyfish or an angry flounder.



2 Responses to “Crossing the Line to Excessive Design”

  1. Nathan Says:

    I have a friend who bought a toilet tank that is an aquarium. No joke.

    You can have a whole bathroom aquarium set now 😀

  2. April Says:

    So really…what are you thinking. I understand about taking them out of the ocean and putting them in a smaller environment for us to look at but come on. They’re “WATCHING” you go to the bathroom. They’re fish dude! They have no comprehension of what you are doing!!!!!! Again, they’re fish! 🙂

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