The War of the Worlds Radio Broadcast Online

February 12, 2007

Orson Wells’ radio broadcast of The War of the Worlds terrified a nation when it was first broadcast. Listeners who tuned in late thought the broadcast was a real news report and ran to their basements to hide from the incoming alien attack — not all that much different from Boston’s reaction to the invasion of the Mooninites.

You should download the broadcast, it’s definitely worth a listen.

For more information on Orson Wells’ broadcast head here.


One Response to “The War of the Worlds Radio Broadcast Online”

  1. dailymuse Says:

    That’s a very interesting observation… your comparison between the Boston incident and the famous War of the Worlds broadcast.

    I’ve never heard the original Welles broadcast. Thanks for the link. That broadcast was what put him on the map in the entertainment industry. My guess is that these two guys will become legends in the media industry. They’re gonna to be millionaires.

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