Print Without Expensive Ink Cartridges

February 9, 2007


Zink Imaging is a Polaroid spin-off that is releasing a printer that works without ink. Without ink? This sounds too good to be true. The printer uses thermal based paper which it heats in order to imprint images. Right now, the company is focusing on creating portable printers to work with cell phones and digital cameras. Amazing!

As you might have noticed, even black printer ink can cost more per ounce than gasoline, so Zink’s product could be be a great leap forward. If they develop their technology for use in larger format printers (I hope they do), photographers in particular stand to benefit immensely. Check it out.

– chris


2 Responses to “Print Without Expensive Ink Cartridges”

  1. Hey,

    Kodak actually just introduced a printer with inexpensive ink. For more info, check out

    Hope it helps,


  2. tropist Says:

    Thanks for the link Shelly. I’m pretty sure that’s how I’d look with a mustache.


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