The Three-Wheeled Future Car

February 8, 2007


Combine a motorcycle and a car with 21st century stylings and what do you have? How about a three-wheeled car that banks around turns at high speeds and takes up half a parking space. Allow me to introduce the Carver.

While it may be impractical for soccer moms, the Carver seems like the next progression of motorcycle as full-time transport. Danish based company Vandenbrink has been working on designing the Carver for 11 years.

I love the free flowing design, but I think a starting price of $45,000 is a little steep. If they can bring the price down to $10,000 they might have the “car killer” everyone thought the Segway was going to be.

Here’s a video of it in action from BBC Prime’s Top Gear:

– chris


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