Facebook to Create a TV Show

February 7, 2007

Facebook, the social network for college students and grads, is reporting (via NewTeeVee) that they are going to be incorporating video into their site, but not in a way you would expect. They are going to direct their users to create videos based on certain prompts, such as “who am I?”, “heartbreak”, and “life during wartime”. Under the guidance of R.J. Cutter, these videos will be cut into half hour shows and distributed via Comcast ON DEMAND and Facebook.

While Facebook‘s plans don’t seem to be designed to promote artists, I think they will inadvertently do so. As audiences become accustomed to watching web video on TV, it will be easier for artists to capitalize on this form of distribution. Already, there are some webshows, such as Rocketboom, that push every episode to TiVo. As the connection between computer and television becomes more seamless, opportunities for artists will greatly widen.

– chris


One Response to “Facebook to Create a TV Show”

  1. this sounds cool. yesterday I stumbled across a couple guys who have made perhaps 3 episodes of a youtube “news” show where they take it upon themselves to review weird youtube videos. so the indy video journalists will start emerging more too thanks to things like this.

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